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We all are very well aware that Lung cancer is one of the most frequent cancers worldwide. When the cells in your lungs mutation or alter, this happens. When you breathe in hazardous chemicals, the most prevalent cause of these alterations is Lung Cancer. Many years after inhaling the harmful gases, lung cancer can develop. 

While the variety of factors led to cause lung cancer, we, on the other hand, can be aware and take some necessary precautions to avoid getting it. 

Let’s have a detailed look-through on the major causes of Lung Cancer.

  • Smoking

Lung cancer is caused by smoking in 90% of instances. Smoking has also been linked to more than a dozen other cancers too. Cigarettes contain about 250 toxic compounds, 69 of which are cancer-causing. It makes no difference how much you smoke. Lung cancer is a danger even if you just smoke one cigarette each day. It’s not just a danger for the smoker. This illness is also caused by second-hand smoke, inhaled from a lighted cigarette or a smoker.  Those who do not smoke are at a 20 percent to 30 percent higher risk of lung cancer if they are exposed to second-hand smoke at work place or at home.

  • Vapes

:-Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are another name for Vapes. Nicotine, flavouring compounds, and other harmful substances are all included in the liquids used in vapes. Hence, the cells in your lungs are poisoned by them causing lung cancer.

  • Pollution

Particle pollution is a very serious problem. In the air, there are microscopic bits of acids, chemicals, dust, and metals. Each particle is a fraction of the size of a grain of sand. When you breathe them in, they might become stuck in your lungs leading to chronic irritation. Therefore, it has been also linked to lung cancer.

  • Asbestos

This is a chemical that has been linked to cancer in those who are exposed to it frequently. Minerals found in soil and rocks make up asbestos. It may be found in construction places, and automobiles as well. Asbestos breaks down into small fibres that you inhale when you exposed to it. These fibres become lodged in the lungs. Asbestos builds up in your lungs if you are exposed to it for a long time. This makes breathing difficult and is harmful to your health. Asbestos is responsible for a specific type of lung cancer, known as mesothelioma.

  • Genes

Families pass on genes from generation to generation. This includes faulty genes that prevent the cells from repairing damaged DNA and others that prevent the body from removing cancer-causing substances. Lung cancer is caused by a gene that is handed down via families in around 8% of cases.

This article clearly demonstrates that etiology of lung cancer is multifactorial. Many of these factors are and can be modified. Hence, as this saying goes, “Prevention is better than Cure” is always about choosing a safer side.  Taking all the necessary precautions to keep the lungs healthy can lower the risk of Lung Cancer. However, in case of any lung-related issue, it is strongly recommended to visit the lung surgeon in Delhi/or nearby place for better consultation and treatment without making any delay.