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Many people find that exercise can be intimidating if you have lung cancer. But only few are well aware about how it can benefit to a lung cancer patient with a well-designed exercise programme that can help patients feel better physically and mentally. It can help them cope with their cancer treatments, decrease cancer-related fatigue, and reduce the severity of other treatment-related side effects. The risk of more sickness can also be decreased.

After receiving the approval from lung surgeon, begin with a slow pace along with a gentle activity of breathing exercises, stretching, aerobic exercise, and strength training. There is no need to start with a bang right from the first day. Experts advises that slow and calming physical activity works in favour always. It is unsafe and is not at all advised to join the large gym. This because it can hamper  immune system and germs can spread easily on shared equipment. You can opt working in a safe environment in consultation with a lung surgeon in Delhi/nearby places, physical therapist, a specialist in pulmonary rehabilitation, or a cancer exercise specialist. Patients with lung cancer and other cancers and blood disorders may schedule an exercise consultation to measure their fitness level with our exercise physiologist and develop a comprehensive plan to meet their objectives. Adult female patients and survivors of any level of experience may also take part in free, bi-weekly fitness classes at the Institute, consisting of strength training, stretching, and aerobic classes.  

Exercise can help patients with non-small cell lung cancer improve their quality of life despite limited lung capacity, while lowering fatigue and depression and improving muscle strength.

Let’s look into some tips to exercise safely with lung cancer include:

Exercise according to your physique

 If your body can not handle the level of exercise you may be used to, do not get frustrated. Start at a slow pace with 5-10 minute light walking sessions, or quick riding, swimming, or other cardio sessions, several times a day, and create small milestones from there.

Posture Improvement

It would take a toll on posture to sit at a desk or commute all day, which is directly related to breathing and lung capacity. To promote deep breathing, focus on holding your shoulders and chin back and opening your body. Yoga is recommended by many lung surgeon.  Yoga will help improve your balance and strengthened lung capacity, which would make life much easier from other workouts. You can even consult to lung surgeon in Delhi/nearby places for detailed query.

Using the pedometer

This is a perfect tool for engaging family and friends in the workout and keeping you focused. Measure the steps to set a baseline for a week, then set targets from there slowly. When you are not worried about exercise you can be shocked by how much you can go far.

Start with strength training

Cancer therapies can also induce weight gain and loss of muscle and bone mass, which can be battled against through physical training. Before starting a strength training regimen, start tiny, and visit your lung surgeon in Delhi/nearby places.

Warm Up is Must

It is always good to start with little preparation. With each workout session, make sure to wake up, rest, and cool down.

For anyone, not every form of workout is right. You will have to keep away from any physical activity while you get treated and recover, based on how bad your lung cancer is. Therefore, before pursuing any fitness regimen, all patients, regardless of cancer type and activity level, can consult with their concern doctor or lung surgeon in Delhi/nearby place.