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Robotic technology is of immense benefit in some of the thoracic procedures if the treating surgeon has the appropriate training and expertise to conduct robotic surgery. Traditional surgical procedures have to be mastered first, but robotic surgery with the da Vinci® surgical system can be done whenever possible.

Robotic surgery is performed using real-time 3-D pictures of the surgical site provided by a top-grade, high-resolution camera using a minimally invasive method that uses numerous tiny surgical incisions rather than a large open cut. To expose the surgery site, there is no need for a big surgical incision that slices through healthy skin, muscle, and other tissue. Rather, the surgeon introduces the camera and other surgical equipment through small incisions and transfer them to the desired location. The cutting-edge camera produces a crystal-clear three-dimensional picture of the surgery site and its surroundings. The pictures are sent to a surgeon cart, or binocular eyepiece, which the surgeon carefully monitors.

Computerized accuracy and increased instrument flexibility are among the features of the system’s robotic arm for mending structures like a diaphragmatic hernia or removing specific organs or tumors.

Well, any surgical procedure has some level of risk. Even the most basic operation might have unintended repercussions like bleeding or infection. The surgeon weighs the potential shortcomings of surgery against the potential benefits.

When the specialist advises surgery, it implies the advantages of the procedure significantly exceed the dangers. However, it’s critical that your surgeon has the required training and expertise for this sophisticated surgical method, which necessitates a different set of abilities than open or standard laparoscopic surgery.

For a variety of surgical procedures, the doctors prefer robotic surgery (in Delhi/where robotic facilities available) over traditional surgery for a variety of reasons.

These are some of the reasons:

  • Infection, haemorrhage, and scarring are less likely with a smaller incision.
  • Pain and discomfort are reduced.
  • Faster overall recovery and resumption of routine activities
  • When compared to normal laparoscopic operations, there is a better view of the operative site.
  • Surgical dissection or repair with more accuracy
  • Hospital stays are shorter.

Your surgeon’s range of motion is considerably increased by the flexibility of the robotic arm’s wrist, which improves his ability to do even the most delicate task properly. Hence, to get the successful robotic surgery in Delhi, look for trained and experienced thoracic surgeon in Delhi/ nearby place possible.