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We are going to illustrate few ways/ steps to decreases chances of getting sick this flu season. These steps are a part of healthy living as well as can be practiced during Lung Infections Treatment in Delhi.

1. Wear a mask

The best response to COVID-19 is wearing a mask in public. This isn’t a bad idea, even for cold and flu season, particularly this year. The best lung surgeon in Delhi is repeatedly asking people to wear mask whenever stepping out.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends everyone to wear mask all the time when in public places / outdoor. The only exception are infants/ kids below 2 years and persons with troubled breathing.

Those are official recommendations to help stop the spread of COVID-19, but because coronavirus and influenza are spread in very similar ways, masks can also come in handy when protecting yourself from the seasonal flu.

2. Wash your hands—often.

Sanitizing hands after a handshake either by washing or using sanitizer is a good step. Washing with soap is always better, but needs place and time. The process should not be hurried upon. It should be for a minimum of 20 seconds while also observing minimal wastage of water. Wetting the hands with running water, applying soap, thereafter proper scrubbing for at least 20 seconds, rinsing thereafter essential steps. Cleaning of hands can be done with disposable/ clean towel / air dryer. Common towels are complete no. the only thing to be reemphasized is not to waste water as well during the entire process.

3. Don’t touch your face

Your nose and your eyes are the most common places for germs to get into your body, so it’s best to avoid touching your face at all.  

4. Get enough sleep

As if going to bed on time on a normal basis isn’t hard enough, you need more Z’s when you’re feeling under the weather. The body restores and repairs itself during sleep. A tired body isn’t going to fight off the disease, therefore give body the time its needs. A healthy body needs 8-10 hours of sleep to replenish itself and be ready to fight the disease threat.

5. Get your flu shot—every. single. year.

The CDC recommends everyone six months of age or older get a flu shot every year—ideally by the end of October, around the time flu season starts showing up. A flu shot isn’t a perfect combative recipe against infection. But it does prevent the chances and severity of the disease.

Vaccination by itself doesn’t lead to disease. The person might experience some discomfort, side effects, but these are in no way symptom of flu fever. But the investment of time and money in vaccination is worth due to fatalityof the flu fever.

6. Eat enough fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables help support immune system. A healthy diet makes the body strong enough to fight off the viruses and bacteria. It gives our body a much better chance in fighting an overcoming an infective condition.

7. Regular Exercise

Exercise is one of the best way to stay fit and maintain a robust immune system. Moderation is what should be done for exercise, balancing our daily routine and body’s limit. More than the duration of exercise, the regularity of exercise is important.

8. Keep your distance from sick people

Physical distancing and not social distancing is of paramount importance in present pandemic era. The six feet rule should be stuck at all the times when in public, particularly in queues and crowded markets. A chest specialist in Delhi often asks patients to stay away from sick people in order to stay healthy.

9. Keep hand sanitizer on hand

Washing hands is good protection against cold and flu germs. Sometimes when the washroom facilities aren’t available, hand cleaning with sanitizing gel or alcohol-based hand wipes is better. Alcohol-based wipes and gels with at least 60% alcohol are more effective at killing germs than those without alcohol.

10. Quit smoking already

Smoking increases the risk of infections by making structural changes in the respiratory tract and decreasing immune response. Smoking destroys the respiratory lining makes it dry and prone for infection. Overall smoking is one of the biggest — factor for lung cancer, COPD and many other cancers in the body.

11. Be wary of sharing food with others

Sharing of foods and drinks should be avoided as much as possible. Partying and sharing of common meals is a complete no, when cold and flu season is in full swing.

12. Ditch your cloth purse

Cloth purse should be avoided, as difficult to sanitize or clean it, when compared to anything like — and leather.

13. Keep a positive attitude

Positive attitude and happiness are the best medicine for daily intake. Any lobby, playing or activity giving pleasure boosts our immune system. A healthy immune system wards off most of the infections organisms.

14. Keep others healthy too

Health of near and dear ones is equally important. Sick individual not only suffers himself, but also can become the index case spread of infection. A healthy family fights the threat better. Herd immunity is also essential for protecting the weak individually in the community. These are few tips to follow and protect oneself in this season. Everything and anything which can boast our immunity is helpful to fight any infection.

However, you can always consult a lung cancer specialist in case you find difficulty in breathing or chest pain.